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  • WolfieCBOT is a multipurpose bot with many commands. It can do many things, such as get a meme from r/dankmemes, or warn members. It also has many features, such as a verification system, a tag system, and much more.

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  • Fun Commands

    WolfieCBOT features many fun commands that you can use. It has weather and forecast commands, animal image commands, memes, and much more.

    Tag System

    WolfieCBOT has a tag system, where you can create your own tags, edit them, view them, or delete them.


    You can change many things about WolfieCBOT, such as where logs go or even the muted role.


    WolfieCBOT is smart with moderation. Mod commands have a are you sure prompt, so you don't accidentally ban the wrong member.


    WolfieCBOT has a logging feature, which will tell you when a member joins, when a message gets updated, etc.

    Verification System

    WolfieCBOT features a verification system that ignores bot users. Once someone runs wb!verify, it will give them the role you assigned, and it will auto delete the verification message, so you don't end up with a million successful verification messages.

    Information Commands

    Don't know who a member is? WolfieCBOT features many informative commands such as wb!whois and wb!serverinfo.

    What are you waiting for? Add WolfieCBOT to your server today!


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